Application maintenance

Let your business software show you its true value

Custom-made software applications remain widespread, and rightly have a role to play when it comes to reflecting company-specific processes and features. Sometimes, these applications are the product of years of ongoing development and are indispensable to users.

Supporting them, however, can become difficult and costly, especially when there are no longer sufficient staff members with the right expertise and training and the application is no longer part of the wider IT strategy. t&p has been providing application maintenance for lisa.lims clients for many years and meets all requirements for the operation, maintenance and development of our clients’ application software. QM-certified, secure, sustainable, reliable and requirements-oriented.

From a technological viewpoint, t&p provides services for the same environments that we also use for our own standard software: Java und Oracle. We create a customized SLA for each client, which only contains the components that are really needed.

Over time, the arguments for outsourcing increase:


Focus on core technology

Own IT resources uneconomical in case of specific software Users increasingly want to focus on core business.


Loss of own resources

Typically, such legacy applications are many years old and the relevant teams no longer exist. Maintenance and support are often reliant on a few individuals.



It takes more than a few IT specialists to find quick and competent solutions to every service request coming in. It makes sense to have access to a larger team.

Why you should choose the t&p team:

t&p has been providing application maintenance services for more than 10 years and has a service desk that meets the well-established, TÜV-approved requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015. Regular re-certifications and client audits ensure continual improvement. Auditors have repeatedly concluded that “t&p staff put the quality management system into practice.”


The system fully implements the strict requirements of clients from the regulated environment (e.g., GMP, FDA 21 CFR 11, German Medicines Act) concerning transparency and documentation of all processes in software development and project management (traceability, change management, verification). The perfect results of supplier audits regularly show that t&p lives and breathes quality.