Eclipse BIRT

Eclipse BIRT is an open-source alternative to Oracle Reports and Oracle BI Publisher. We understand its advantages and limitations. Let us help you make the switch with a structured approach.

Eclipse BIRT is an open-source alternative to Oracle Reports and Oracle BI Publisher.

When reports from databases need to be manually edited after they have been generated, Eclipse BIRT supports output in Word or Excel formats much more effectively than Oracle Reports.

t&p has extensive experience with Eclipse BIRT. We know the benefits and limitations of this alternative to Oracle Reports. The switch to an open source alternative should always take a structured approach and consider your individual circumstances. Take advantage of our experience.

An issue familiar to many users in the Oracle environment: Based on long experience with custom software, companies began to use Oracle Reports because it was useful and effective. Today, Oracle Reports is no longer being updated and Oracle itself recommends that users switch to alternative products.

When we moved our standard software lisa.lims to Java and open source, t&p also wanted a new tool for generating reports.

Evaluating tools

Many aspects from both a business and technical perspective come into play when selecting a suitable tool. t&p’s decision to use Eclipse BIRT was based on these criteria. We offer our clients a customized evaluation matrix, which takes into account a range of criteria in relation to layout, interfaces, maintenance and costs.

t&p performed an evaluation using this series of requirements, ensuring the technical feasibility of these business requirements at the end of the process.


High quality of data output: correct results, clear presentation, appealing design


PDF output format


Output in editable format (MS Word)


Reliability/stability, error traceability: reports are generated and distributed automatically in the background


Development cost


Throughput/performance, because high print volume at times


TrueType fonts, barcodes, 2D codes


Costs, support, future-proofing

Smart Migration

t&p uses a “smart migration” approach when it comes to software in live operation. This means a gradual, smooth transition from the old technology platform to the new. The existing PL/SQL business logic is reused: Particularly important reports can be moved to the new technology for the user interface, while others initially remain on Oracle Reports. This means that old and new coexist until the entire migration is complete. New implementation of the business logic in Java can then be considered – if this is still useful and required. Users hardly notice the change in technology. And, most importantly, the old technology is always available to fall back on, meaning the migration poses no risk to users.

Workshops and coaching on BIRT reporting


A two-day workshop identifies and weights the possible criteria for selecting a tool so that a subsequent evaluation can take place.

BIRT introduction

This practical coaching over five working days uses progressively more complex reports to show you the possibilities offered by BIRT

BIRT optimization

Our experts solve every challenge, even for the most difficult report contents. We can also set up and optimize integration with a modern print management system.