lisa.lims Modules

Modular LIMS structure for maximum efficiency and flexibility

With its easily and quickly implemented core processes, lisa.lims already offers a broad functionality, but this can be extended even further by lisa.lims modules to meet the requirements of specific industries and users. Step by step, these modules expand the system by adding components to boost efficiency or cover extra requirements. They include industry-specific modules for stability testing customer-oriented web portals and integration functions to archive raw data and connect equipment such as instruments and subsystems.

Individual solutions thanks to lisa.lims

The add-on modules offer you additional support for your daily tasks:

  • lisa.lims document loading station (automatic loading and assignment of files to lisa.lims objects: orders, tests, methods)
  • lisa.lims NaSI Native Subsystem Integration (visualization of assembly, workflow and results (“measurement assistants”))
The financial and organizational advantages of this modular architecture are clear: The user is always able to determine the time, scope and depth of function integration. System extensions can be synchronized with necessary internal organizational changes and requirements. In conjunction with t&p’s experienced project management and extensive service and support, your software project will turn into a success. With lisa.lims, you can economically plan and implement your custom solution on schedule and in outstanding quality.