lisa.lims Modules

Put an end to chaotic ordering procedures: manage your procurements centrally

lisa.lims procurement management – secure and simple

  • Centrally coordinated purchases
  • Detailed information about prices, suppliers, delivery times and delivery terms
  • Processing of part-deliveries and complaints
  • Management of your entire stock
  • Management of incoming invoices
  • Optional dual control principle and defining maximum budgets
  • Extensive evaluation options

More structure for procurements in your laboratory

With the lisa.lims Procurement Management module, you can manage and bundle together all your procurements for your laboratory. From chemicals and consumables to office supplies – information regarding your current stocks as well as prices and suppliers is available, all structured in clear product groups. When requesting supplies, laboratory staff simply indicate what they need. With lisa.lims, a central contact then takes care of the rest and places an order. Staff are automatically informed about the status of their request. This allows you to relieve the burden on your laboratory staff, keep control over your purchases and achieve better terms with suppliers.

Controlling and quality management are backed up by extensive evaluation options. This makes the Procurement Management module the ideal complement to the lisa.lims Chemicals and Reagents module.

The benefits at a glance:


Control over consumption and costs


Central coordination ensures clear processes


Laboratory staff are relieved of administrative activities


Bundling together orders reduces delivery costs and achieves better purchasing prices


Extensive evaluation options ensure transparency and reveal areas where savings can be made


Security and traceability through definition of user rights