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Schedule and capacity planning

Effective time management with lisa.lims

Get a detailed view of pending assignments – reliable planning with real parameters:

The schedule and capacity planning module means order management at service-oriented laboratories is based on solid data and facts. In particular, it supports the experience and intuition of laboratory management in precisely those areas where it has become more difficult in recent years to maintain an overview, such as an expanding clientele and workforce, dynamic order volumes, ever tighter deadlines, numerous departments and different lab locations.

Organize your lab with the help of lisa.lims

Resources are deployed efficiently, avoiding capacity overload and underload with all of their associated economic and organizational consequences.

With this lisa.lims module, users can reliably map the current situations from all order fulfillment steps and analyze information about the existing human resources, equipment and processes.

This add-on module processes this information to provide reliable schedule and capacity planning for human and technical resources with optimal utilization.