Construction materials

Laboratories supporting production are expected to provide high-quality results in a very short time frame. lisa.lims also addresses the trend toward automation with various modules that minimize sources of error and maximize efficiency.


Laboratories in the chemical industry must integrate the various requirements of quality areas of the laboratory. With extensive modules and add-ons, lisa.lims improves efficiency and optimizes processes in the lab.

Service laboratories

Clients expect high-quality results and excellent customer service despite constantly increasing cost pressure. lisa.lims supports the service laboratory with a wealth of integrated functions and add-on modules.

Energy/supply/waste disposal

Clients call for outstanding quality under time and cost pressure. lisa.lims makes processes more efficient, minimizes paper-based procedures and supports internal documentation in line with the requirements of quality assurance standards such as ISO 17025.

Food/drinks/animal feed

lisa.lims makes complex processes simple and efficient, whether in quality assurance or research and development. Support in documentation in line with the requirements of quality assurance standards such as ISO 17025 is just one aspect of this.

Petrochemicals/mineral oil

Complex tests within a very short time frame, comprehensive options for analysis and reliable documentation – with lisa.lims, the laboratory supports the manufacturing process with speed, efficiency and aplomb. Extensive add-on modules expand the options right through to laboratory automation.


Transparency, traceability and safety requirements are especially high for laboratory processes in the regulated environment. The dual-control principle, audit trail and electronic signatures are just some examples of the functions integrated into lisa.lims.

Public Sector

Laboratories of public sector customers have to meet diverse requirements with a single system. lisa.lims has these covered with a modern, web-based system that works across all locations.

Steel industry

Steel is ubiquitous and an indispensable part of the industrialized world. The applications for the highly automated and highly integrated lisa.lims system in production and processing are just as diverse as the uses for this material itself.

lisa.lims – the individual LIMS for every industry

Even in its basic configuration, lisa.lims comes with a broad range of functions extending from sample registration, work planning, documentation of results and delivery of information to both internal and external customers. Having cooperated with national and international clients in projects for over two decades, t&p knows laboratory processes, workflows, and requirements in fine detail. This knowledge and our passion for this field have created a user-oriented product that’s used in many industries and laboratories worldwide.

Why is an industry-specific LIMS so important?

lisa.lims broad range of functionality can be extended even further with prolisa.lims modules to meet the requirements of specific industries and users.

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