Discover your LIMS for the chemical industry

The laboratory plays a key role in many companies in the chemical industry. From quality assurance to application technology and research and development – all data must be traceable and, above all, securely available on short notice. Different areas of the laboratory work together closely here, including chemical analysis, wet chemistry and instrumental analysis.

Effective work through the implementation of lisa.lims in chemistry laboratories

lisa.lims ensures seamless integration of these different areas and offers extensive add-on modules for formulation management and development, chemical management and much more. These expand the possibilities far beyond the traditional sample management functions. Minimizing paper-based processes increases efficiency, while interfaces to testing systems and other software improve the flow of information and ensure maximum data quality. Sources of error are also reduced to a minimum.

A functioning workflow in the laboratory provided by lisa.lims

Sophisticated, individually configurable workflows manage work in the laboratory (including compliance with DIN/EN/ISO 17025), ensuring all working steps are transparent and traceable. Additional procedures can be defined to prepare and approve test results, certificates, etc., including straightforward qualified digital signature procedures.

The WebPortal (WebShop and WebInfo) takes enormous pressure off the laboratory, enabling those outside the lab to order tests (e.g., R&D) themselves or search the data (status and statistics).



the result:

  • Lower costs
  • Improved data quality
  • Comprehensive analysis possible from R&D to raw materials testing and the quality of the goods produced
lisa.lims Chemie


  • measurement devices
  • laboratory automation
  • Microsoft Office
  • online interfaces