lisa.lims Modules

Reporting and archiving

Test reports, certificates and studies are managed and archived electronically in accordance with the requirements of DIN/EN/ISO 17025. The individual functions are fully integrated into lisa.lims and all processes for generating, publishing and sending a report documented in a single system.

lisa.lims archives all test reports for you as well as compilations of results and manually generated reports. The original report is generated in PDF format and then archived immediately, with the PDF format ensuring the necessary standardization, inalterability and longevity needed for proper archiving.

Report archiving

This module integrates documents as separate objects into work and laboratory processes. The focus is on supporting and monitoring workflows in relation to version management, access permissions and release of individual documents. You can set up and configure this workflow individually for different document types.

All stages of the document lifecycle are mapped in the system: creation, editing, review, release and publication. Change management and integrated version management of documents offer the desired transparency in everyday work with these texts. Granular permissions down to user level provide essential protection against unauthorized access. The system also ensures the integrity of the documents archived. Digital signature procedures can of course be integrated, too.