lisa.lims Modules

Chemicals and reagents

The chemical and reagent module covers more than just storage and administration of chemicals and other materials. The system saves additional information in searchable form, greatly facilitating everyday work. Important data such as hazard and precautionary statements including hazard symbols, CAS number and limit values are clearly displayed. Data sheets on safety and technical aspects are also available.


Chemicals and reagents - data breakdown:

  • Chemical management
  • Order
  • Receipt
  • Usage
  • Storage history

Each chemical can be individually classified, for example by hazard categories or packing groups. Detailed information is available for each stock item, setting out current inventory of this chemical, storage history at a particular location and the option to perform a stock-take. Users can define minimum quantities, enabling the system to issue a color-coded notification when inventories fall below this amount.

The module also allows users to retrieve information on suppliers and trigger orders directly.

Interfaces allow seamless integration with higher-level systems.