Service laboratories

LIMS service laboratories

As a service laboratory, you face demanding requirements:
Your clients expect high-quality results and excellent customer service despite constantly increasing cost pressure.

lisa.lims supports you with a wealth of integrated functions and add-on modules to successfully master these and other challenges.

Customized detail functions provide optimal support for your working processes.
Your lab areas work with a single system across different locations.
Your laboratory staff can focus on its core areas of expertise.
Redundant data entry is avoided
Your clients’ expectations and requirements are fully and transparently integrated into your laboratory processes
You make optimal use of your resources and capacity

Customer-related evaluations made easy

lisa.lims enables you to conveniently manage your customer data such as addresses, contacts, discount rules, etc. You can use this information to prepare offers, track customer inquiries in the “call center” and manage your sales work (Customer Relationship Management (CRM)). You can generate invoices based on your price lists directly in lisa.lims, send them to customers and pass them on to the accounts department. Your sales and management benefit from extensive analyses of your business and clients.

Optimize customer communication with the lisa.lims WebPortal. This consists of the WebInfo and WebShop modules. WebInfo offers your clients access to information such as test results, order status and lab reports. Extensive research functions and individual analyses are also available. The WebShop enables your customers to register samples and request tests. This not only creates added value for your customers, but also but also relieves your laboratory staff.

Effectively create reports and appraisals

Reporting in lisa.lims can be fully automated and individually configured for each customer. It is compliant with DIN/EN/ISO 17025. Integration with Microsoft Office helps you prepare the findings and create complex special analyses. lisa.lims Office Connector automatically fills out file templates and inserts data into documents interactively.

Structure your service laboratory with lisa.lims

Interfaces to other software systems also free up your staff (e.g., accounting and office software, interfaces to government officials, integration into test devices). Routine tasks are automated, multiple entry of the same data avoided and transcription errors reduced.

The schedule and capacity planning module optimizes your resource use (staff, equipment) by actively planning working processes. The program provides simulations to assist your strategic planning (e.g., when accepting new orders).

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have or provide further information. Please do not hesitate to get in touch or take part in one of our webinars.

Excellent customer service, high-quality results and efficient processes give service laboratories the decisive advantage in an environment of intense time and cost pressure. Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) provide you with the necessary IT infrastructure to achieve this. lisa.lims is a modular, extendable system for the diverse work and target groups of service laboratories. Each laboratory receives the functions it needs. Only tailor-made solutions give you the long-term advantage.
Dr. Claus Köller

Vertrieb und Projektierung, t&p

Benefit from the following integrated functions…

  • Extensive order and sample management
  • Management of offers, price lists and invoice creation
  • Customized functions for recording values
  • Precisely configurable workflows
  • Integrated client management
  • Automated reporting
  • Test equipment management
  • Control charts and AQS
  • DIN/EN/ISO 17025, GLP- and GMP-compliant

…or add system modules to lisa.lims to create a highly specialized LIMS