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Mobile Data

lisa.lims mobile Data – use your LIMS on the go

lisa.lims for mobile working using tablets and smart phones
Simpler data entry in the lab and on the move
Paperless protocols
Online and offline functionality
Status messages from analytical systems
Customizable user interface
lisa.lims enables you to enter and search data from any location using a tablet or smart phone – rapidly and securely. Workflows are simplified considerably, so avoiding errors such as duplicate entries – while taking samples in the field or working in the lab. The customizable user interface is clearly laid out and intuitive to operate.

lisa.lims Mobile Data also includes useful features such as assignment of user rights, creation of special samples, option of adding photos or use of a barcode scanner.

lisa.lims boasts bi-directional exchange of data. Use of HTML5 makes it platform independent.

lisa.lims Mobile Data – the benefits at a glance:

  • Platform-independent
  • Custom configuration
  • Intuitive operation
  • Rapid data entry
  • Avoids transcription errors and duplication of data entries
  • Use of paperless protocols
  • Monitoring of samples and analytical systems at a glance
  • Transparency for clients – in combination with the lisa.lims WebPortal
  • Data available online and offline
  • lisa.lims methods are available for mobile working