Discover your LIMS for the steel industry

Producing high-quality steel relies on precise knowledge of the composition of raw materials and melts. Rapid decisions must be made on the use of additives, etc. in order to achieve the desired quality. lisa.lims supports reliable analysis, helping you to combine the right raw materials precisely. The lisa.lims process laboratory module supports the steel production process. The result is a highly automated and highly integrated LIMS system directly connected to the steel mills’ computers and pneumatic mail system. This links seamlessly into laboratory automation involving all key devices. Information on the batches of different aggregates is visualized, providing valuable support to users.

Equipped for the steel industry with the lisa.lims process laboratory

Comprehensive availability of all data from development to the production process provides extensive options for analyses and statistics that improve quality and innovation. lisa.lims  provides not only the results of the chemical analysis, but also those from all other labs in the system – for example physical, mechanical/technological and metallographic tests.

Individual professional support from a competent partner

In addition to high product quality, t&p offers all services from a single source, helping you implement lisa.lims successfully in your company. All processes for software development and implementation are quality assured under DIN/EN/ISO 9001:2015. The services we offer are not limited to tailor-made training and roll-out plans, but also include custom support for your own specific lisa.lims configuration, e.g., workflows.



  • measurement devices
  • laboratory automation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems (Microsoft, ORACLE, SAP, …)
  • online interfaces
Steel is a ubiquitous and indispensable part of the industrialized world: From construction to vehicles, equipment, machinery and highly demanding applications in medicine and aerospace. The applications for lisa.lims in the production and processing of steel are just as diverse as the uses of this material itself.
Martin Hunold

Vertrieb lisa.lims, t&p