LIMS pharmaceuticals/cosmetics

Transparency, traceability and safety requirements for all laboratory processes are especially high in a regulated environment. Laboratories in quality assurance and research and development benefit especially from the dual-control principle, audit trail and electronic signature integrated into lisa.lims.

lisa.lims for seamless processes in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

Using lisa.lims across all locations and laboratories enables companies to optimize use and capacity of all their lab-related resources. lisa.lims covers the traditional requirements of different lab areas, such as chemistry, microbiology and materials testing. It also offers the opportunity to map complex processes such as

  • Hygiene and cleanroom monitoring
  • Procedure for OOS events
  • Stability testing

Effortless integration of quality management in lisa.lims

Comprehensive availability of all data from development to production enables a wide range of options for analysis and statistics (e.g., PQR Product Quality Review). Interfaces such as the certified lisa.lims Quality Management Interface (SAP QM-IDI) fully integrate the system into the company’s IT landscape.

The following system modules are designed especially for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries:


lisa.lims is out-of-the-box GxP-compliant and perfectly suited for use in regulated environments (FDA 21 CFR 11).

In addition to high product quality, t&p offers all services from a single source, helping you to implement lisa.lims successfully in your company. All processes for software development and implementation are quality assured under DIN/EN/ISO 9001:2015. The services we offer are not limited to tailor-made training and roll-out plans, but also include custom support in validating your own specific lisa.lims configuration, e.g., workflows.

With lisa.lims, we provide a single solution to all your laboratory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

We know the industry inside out. Thanks to our long experience, we understand what matters and do not see LIMS purely as a software product. The advice and expertise of our staff combine with a modern, forward-looking system to create a custom all-round package, giving you the edge over the competition.

Dr. Claus Köller

Vertrieb lisa.lims, t&p