lisa.lims Modules

Formulations and batches

The lisa.lims module for formulations, formulation development and documentation is used to describe a formulation as a set of instructions for producing a reagent or chemical. It also provides approaches for documenting the actual production process.

lisa.lims formulations are version-managed master data containing a detailed description of the formulation. Information such as materials, specifications, storage life, responsibilities and documents is used for the descriptions and the manufacturing and testing process.

The formulation comprise total quantities together with a detailed description of all individual components and their individual quantities (absolute and relative).

Further details such as process time and tolerances can be added for each component. The complete process of manufacture is described precisely using freely definable groups such as “weigh out,” “fill,” “stir,” etc.

The module offers you a reliable GLP- and GMP-compliant way of documenting your manufacturing processes for chemicals and reagents.

Formulation development also helps the R&D lab work on existing formulations and make changes. New and existing formulations can quickly and easily be recorded and varied in tabular form. The module enables calculation and easy overview, for example of the active substances and costs of new, planned formulations.